Committed to Independent Pharmacies...


CoopRx group (CRG) is located in Beverly Hills, California. CoopRx Group serves independent pharmacies and the medical profession. CRG is a cooperative buying group offering its members the best possible resources to remain competitive in the industry. Our services and benefits are available to any independent pharmacy, regardless of primary wholesaler.

Our solid relationship with our diverse wholesalers allows us to provide you with maximum benefits and buying opportunities to maintain your viability.

We offer our members the most competitive pricing on Brand name and Generic Pharmaceuticals, Prescriptions Supplies, Vials, Bottles, Jars, Rx Pads, Rx Bags, Toners, Rx Folders, Rx Labels, Gloves, Surgical Masks, Skin Care Products and More.

Our Mission

  • Promote Profitability by Offering Competitive Pricing
  • Everyday Savings on all your Prescription Supplies
  • Negotiated Preferred Pricing
  • Increase Profit Margin

CoopRx (CRG) is the link that can positively impact your business